Birinci Anatolians            

BIRINCI means first in type, temperament and integrity. 

A Birinci dog works, plays and becomes an integral family member.  


If you are interested in seeing cute puppy pictures that sell you a dog, this is not the site for you.  We gladly share puppy pictures with individuals that contact us, but we do not use their cuteness to sell dogs. We do not post cute puppy pictures because when you bring an Anatolian into your life it will be an adult one day and that is the dog you need to live with long-term.  Showing cute pictures to sell puppies is an unfair representation of the dog they will become and a sales tactic that we do not use.  You can email us and I will gladly send you puppy pictures.  There are also puppy picture on this website, but they are not used as a sales tactic.




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